DigTrace is an integrated software solution for the capture and analysis of three-dimensional data whether in the study of vertebrate tracks/ footprints
or in a forensic context (footwear evidence at a crime scene).
Who will benefit from this software?
Footwear impressions provide an important source of evidence within a range of criminal investigations. For example, they allow the sequence of events to be determined and when distinctive, due to damage or wear, may place a suspect’s footwear at a crime scene or importantly, link multiple crimes.
At the moment footwear evidence is still cast in plaster and photographed – unfortunately, the procedures used by scene of crime officers have changed little in over 100 years…
Photo by Pete, Flickr
This can be changed now! Our research team have fused computer science, archaeology and earth science to translate academic research on fossil footprints into freeware that can be used by police forces (or people engaged in education/research in forensic science) all over the word.
As for the fossil footprints…
Whether ancient human ancestor tracks or those left by a dinosaur 3D imaging is potentially a very useful technique for more in-depth analysis. DigTrace allows to capture, analyse and present 3D traces with a few easy steps. DigTrace is a great solution for all academics engaged in education and/or research into vertebrate tracks and associated locomotion and biomechanics.

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