Festival of Learning 2017

More than 5,000 people attended this year’s Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University. There were more then 140 free events and activities showcasing BU’s research and learning experiences presented in appealing and accessible ways. The events included various learning opportunities such as exhibitions, performances, sports sessions, and workshops.

Bournemouth University – Festival of Learning 2017


This year out team has organised two educational games with a flavour of Augmented Reality (AR):


Campus Cluedo                                   

Are you able to solve the crime? Are your skills as a Crime Scene Investigator good enough? Test your skills and play this interactive and educational game, styled on Pokémon Go™, to find out more about forensics. Learn more about our groundbreaking work, DigTrace, which is used to analyse footprints at a crime scene.



Extinction Quest

This educational game, styled on Pokémon Go™, allows you to seek out endangered and extinct species, including dinosaurs, across BU’s Talbot Campus. Can you find all the species? Make sure you take a selfie with our digital T-Rex!



You can still take a selfie with our digital T-Rex or Mammoth by downloading  Zappar App and scanning either T-Rex or Mammoth Zapcode below:





Story behind games:

Coming soon!