DigTrace is an integrated freeware solution for the capture and analysis of 3D data whether in a forensic context as footwear evidence, or in the study of vertebrate tracks and footprints. It caters for everything from the study of dinosaur footprints to the analysis of footwear evidence at a crime scene. Developed from a decade of research at Bournemouth University on fossil footprints, the freeware provides a bespoke solution to the analysis of such evidence. The project was funded by a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Innovation Grant (NE/M021459/1) with project partners from the UK’s National Crime Agency, Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology and Liverpool John Moores University. Using the freeware you can create a 3D model of any footprint or track from 20 to 30 oblique photographs taken with a standard digital camera. You can then visualise that model, take a range of measurements, before computing mean tracks and/or comparing different tracks. The freeware is based on open source code and is freely distributed to any user and simply requires a PC of sufficient specification. Why not download it today?

Our users include UK Police Forces, Forensic Units and we have an active community of academic users across the World. We also offer the option to potential future users and wildlife charities of having models built for you from photographs you supply. Contact us to find out more.

The research team is actively engaged in a range of research projects both in the fields of vertebrate ichnology (trace fossils) and forensic science. For example we currently hold a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Bluestar Software Limited who manages the UK National Footprint Database of the Home Office. This project is focused on developing new pattern matching algorithms based on machine learning that allow one to search between both 3D and 2D footwear evidence. The aim is to boost the intelligence potential of footwear evidence. You can find out more about this project and our other work by reading our blog.

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